photo ISEEYOU_zps7574f517.png


scott neumyer said...

WANT! Prints?

Rebecca said...

1. This is the first image of yours I came across. I love your style.
2. Weird fact/strange coincidence: Hannibal is a show I recently fell in love with, I started watching it when I started working on the second run of Whole Hog's production of Princess Mononoke. I'm loving this picture more.
3. Apologies for geeking out.

lullatoned said...

Dear goodness, I need this in my life.

Hannibal art. Oh, good on you sir. Good on you.


KJF said...

Aaah ! I remember seeing this artwork and not getting what it was about ! Now I've watched the whole show, Hannibal is really good.

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