John Donohoe said...

I don't know if its my favorite revenge story, but its stuck with me since I saw it: OldBoy

Posted a link at: http://kineticjohn.blogspot.com/2010/10/comic-contest.html

Griffin said...

The Count of Monte Cristo is easily my favorite tale of revenge, esp the anime adaptation which took some liberties that actually worked.

I made a post on my blog: http://ragnarokandroll.tumblr.com/post/1249443030/read-the-entire-series

Jeselvis said...


bye bye thulsa!

TT said...

Not the typical revenge story, but "Cape Fear" is the most memorable one for me. Who embodies the essence of vengeance more than a psychopathic "Max Cady", brilliantly portrayed by De Niro? Scorsese for the win.

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Jon said...

Phantom of the Paradise is awesome. It was directed by Brian De Palma and stars Paul Williams as an evil record exec that screws over a composer. The Phantom's costume is pretty cool looking too... also it's a 70's rock opera.

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Jon said...

Deathwish because... well because it's friggin' Deathwish. The crazy thing about it is he never actually get's revenge on the guys that started it instead he takes down random scumbags.

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Jon said...

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. What makes it great is that it's a cycle of revenge.

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Cake Hero said...

I would like to post my own revenge story. One day at work, we got a plate of free sandwiches from a meeting. We all took a sandwich to eat and then took a sandwich for the next day. One coworker insisted he did not want any sandwiches. The next day, I went into the work fridge and...what? Where is my sandwich? I asked around and who do I catch, RED HANDED, finishing my sandwich, but the very person who had claimed that he did not want sandwiches the day before. When I said, WTF, why did you eat my sammy, I was looking forward to it?! He said "Don't worry about it...you weren't missing much". Rage coursed through my veins but I kept quiet and plotted my revenge. The opportunity presented itself about a month later, when I opened the work fridge and found that my nemesis had brought in his own sandwich. I decided to act, but since I am a kind and benevolent person, I also decided to leave him with some lunch to eat after. I took two huge bites, stuck the sandwich back into the baggy, and then sat at my desk for the next hour quietly freaking out with excitement and anticipation. When the guy opened the fridge and took his sandwich out he was perplexed. "Melissa? Does it look like someone took a bite of this sandwich?" It was my moment. I turned to him and calmly said "Don't worry...you weren't missing much". TADA. Revenge wrought! Of course his mind was blown and, to top it all off, his sandwich was totally tasty so that was a sweet plus.

I posted about this contest here!


Cake Hero said...

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Evan said...

so, this revenge story went on for about a year between two guys. they're renamed 'alex' and 'rob'

scene one: two guys are on a high school trip. for reasons unknown, alex took rob's chap stick. with this chap stick alex went into a public bathroom and generously applied the stick to the dirtiest urinal because he said it "looked like it had chapped lips". rob used it the rest of the trip, eventually discovered the true condition of his chap stick, and freaked out.

scene2: rob and alex along with their friends entertain the hallways of the high school by playing alex's harmonica and general jokes, etc. rob has to take a shit, so he stole the harmonica and, in his words, "opened the harmonica's eyes to the unseen" as vague as that was, he basically rubbed it all over himself. a few hours later alex played a tremendous solo in the hallways in front of many people only to find out midway that he had, in fact, slobbered all over rob's sloppy seconds. he freaked out.

scene three: fast foreward a month to aelx and rob's joint birthday party. guy two was still mad about his flavored harmonica. he took a hamburger bun intended for rob's burger and with it (again, his words) "raped the family dog until it whimpered". rob not only ate the burger, but thanked the host very loudly only to be cut off with video shoved into his face showing the making of his burger. he more than freaked out.

the end. i think, i'm sure they've killed each other by now...

evan said...

oh, and here: http://twitter.com/hemad/status/26565240202

AluĂ­sio Cervelle Santos said...

My favorite one hasn't concluded yet, which is Blade of the Immortal. So slick and complex too.

I just found your GYAKUSHU comic, and I'm all over your stuff. Keep kicking bigtime!

testing thing said...

One summer a girl broke my heart. The next summer, I went out of my way to befriend her best friend and the guy she choose over me. It seems small and subtle, but judging how pissed off at me she was, it was highly effective. She saw me all summer, always happy and being nice to people she would much rather hated me, as they both had the previous summer.

Craig Zablo said...

Helping to spread the word at....




3 places and 3 favorite revenge movies:
1- Get Carter, the Stallone version
2- The Patriot, the Mel Gibson version
3- Payback, again with Mel Gibson

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My favourite revenge story is the one of Charles Bronson in Once Upon a Time in the West. It's told in such a moody and sombre tone that it blows you away with the final denouement.

But of course you'd know that already, Mr. Hipp.

And here's my link:

Dr Dave said...

One of my favorite revenge movies is MAD MAX. I know everyone loves ROAD WARRIOR more (as do I), but dude had to get Mad before he became the Road Warrior and the first flick is so good with that set-up!

Here's your linkety link. Blog has some adult content, hope that's not a problem.

Durango said...

V for Vendetta(revenge against government!)
lady vendetta
kill bill
friday the 13th(i consider it a serie of revenge movies, is it?)

Durango said...

Oh, and here's the link:

the site is lega nerd, the nerdiest italian blog of which i'm one of the authors;
I also counseled to buy the whole printed version!(btw the italian one is pretty well done!And i had it signed by Mr. Hipp in person in Lucca! yeah!)

DAN HIPP said...

THANKS to everyone for the comments!


CAKE HERO! For the inspired choice to be the first to tell their own revenge story, well done! Please email me with an address so I can send out your art:)

As an added bonus, anybody else who posted before this comment, following the rules (revenge story and link), email me at zombiehipp@gmail.com and I'll mail you the fake GYAKUSHU! soundtrack! EVERYBODY WINS!!!

Thanks again to everyone, have a great day!

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Definitely old boy is my favorite revenge history!

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