Dramatic MarioKart N64 reenactment of the showdown between myself (Wario) and the captain (Princess Peach) of the team I coach, on September 9, 2009 in which the deciding race was cut short just before the finish line when Peach made a pivotal error and Wario was getting ready to pass for the lead and the Cup. The Princess pounded his fist on the table, "unintentionally" freezing the game. Rematch still unscheduled.


Paul Shinn said...

hahaha. Awesome! Really like this! The expressions on their faces are brilliant!

Hippgirl said...

Hee Hee! Princess Peach should enjoy "his" birthday! This is superb!


broken-glasses said...

First, I don't know if you'll post something on Saturday so, early happy birthday.

Secnd : I LUV this !! I'm not a huge video-game fan but among the few I (can) play there's most of Mario games, including Mario Kart which is just the best. :)

CaptainPeach said...

Dear HiPP. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me today. From the tiara, to the hugs, and especially this, you have really made a princesse's day one i will remember for many year to come.

For clarification, you weren't about to take the cup. At this point i had a commanding lead that was in the process of getting destroyed, and we still had one course left. Some one in this world must have been looking our for you on that day of days.

Thanks again

odett said...

Life is hard... and so is the fate of Princess Peach in all Mario Games.

Your work is amazing!

H.Nico said...

Hello mister, i am a french amateur comic maker (excuse me, but I speak english like a Dog, when he tries to speak French). I just want you to say I like your work !

Have a great week end and read you soon !


jacopo said...

mr, Hipp, may the cartoonist's god bless this day!
happy birthday!!!

DAN HIPP said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Especially Captain Peach (who needed to be reminded of our gentleman's agreement to forego the last race in the cup (Rainbow Road, I mean WHO has time for Rainbow Road when you have to get to polo practice?!)).

K said...

Epic stuff MRH... Brings a lot back.